Meet the Team


Postdoctoral Fellows


James Derr, Ph.D.

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Undergraduate Education: West Chester University

Graduate Education: University of California, Riverside

Favorite Molecule: Buckminsterfullerene

Brief Bio: I am a bioorganic chemist that enjoys science but also going to the beach, pools, cooking, sleeping and running! I love the outdoors but napping is just as fun.

email: james.derr[at]austin[dot]utexas[dot]edu

Graduate Students

Hannah Campbell_edited_edited.jpg

Hannah Campbell (1st year)

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Undergraduate Education: Notre Dame of Maryland University

Favorite Molecule: Caffeine

Brief Bio: When I'm not in the lab, I enjoy spending time with friends, hitting up taco trucks, and drinking coffee.

email: hcampbell[at]utexas[dot]edu

Sungjin Jeon_edited.jpg

Sungjin Jeon (1st year)

Hometown: Daegu, South Korea

Undergraduate Education: Kyunghee University

Masters Education: Kyunghee University

Favorite Molecule: BODIPY

Brief Bio: In my free time, I'm a very outgoing person who enjoys jogging and watching movies at the theater.

email: jacky8202[at]utexas[dot]edu

Tyler Odom_edited.jpg

Tyler Odom (1st year)

Hometown: Springfield, Missouri, USA

Undergraduate Education: Missouri State University

Favorite Molecule: Carborane acid

Brief Bio: In my free time I enjoy reading, playing guitar, and cooking. I also love camping and hiking on the weekends.

email: tlo515[at]utexas[dot]edu

Cole Williams_edited.jpg

Cole Williams (1st year)

Hometown: Los Angeles, California, USA

Undergraduate Education: Trinity University

Favorite Molecule: Sucrose

Brief Bio: I'm an organic chemistry graduate student who loves Formula 1 and also enjoys playing sand volleyball and ultimate frisbee. I have a young kitten, Clover, that I love to hang out with and always keeps me on my toes.

email: c.williams3[at]utexas[dot]edu


Chandler Wells (1st year)

Hometown: Stephenville, Texas, USA

Undergraduate Education: Texas State University

Favorite Molecule: Cubane

Brief Bio: I'm a first-year graduate student interested in glycopolymer applications in medicinal chemistry. In my free time, I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee and disc golf, and playing with my black cat, Lucifer.

email: ckw786[at]utexas[dot]edu

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Undergraduate Students

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Zamira Harris-Ryden

Hometown: TBD

Favorite Molecule: TBD

Brief Bio: TBD

email: TBD

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Jeff Kue

Hometown: TBD

Favorite Molecule: TBD

Brief Bio: TBD

email: TBD

Support Staff



Hometown: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Favorite Molecule: cis-1,4-polyisoprene

Brief Bio: Woof.



Hometown: San Diego, California, USA

Favorite Molecule: dihydrogen monoxide

Brief Bio: Woof.